Vivian Levi, LCPC, Trained EMDR Therapist, Mediator


Licensed Professional Counselor (LCPC)

Specializes in Imago Relationship Therapy and EMDR certified.

Vivian Levi, LCPC, Owner

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Certified EMDR Therapist. Through my work in family violence, I have gained a great understanding of trauma and the needs of the family and I use evidence-based techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) to treat trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as anxiety and depression.

In my search for healing childhood wounds, I have learned that partners can become instrumental in healing old wounds and bringing love and joy in each other’s lives. I treat couples using “Imago” principles, helping them experience trust and safety in the relationship.

I have worked closely with the legal system and have become a trained mediator focusing on helping couples to effectively continue to co-parent their children, after separation and divorce.

Member of the International Association for Counseling; my extensive traveling and personal diverse background, as well as my in-depth experience working with a multitude of cultures, have helped me gain a deep understanding of the cross section between culture and treatment approaches.

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