How Can a Divorce Coach Help You?

  • They can guide you as a thinking partner by walking down the path of the divorce process with you.

  • Divorce Coaches help clients in communicating effectively so that they can move forward and reduce the reactive responses that the other party may present.

  • In many cases, both spouses are in very different places. A Divorce Coach can help shift the client’s perspective to understand more about what they need to understand.

  • Divorce Coaches can help prepare clients for meetings and difficult conversations so that they are well prepared and can present as their “best selves.”

  • Divorce coaches help clients gain strength, clarity and resilience during what can be a very difficult process.

  • Divorce Coaches can help clients think about what’s best for the family as the dynamics change.

  • Divorce Coaches can help with focusing on the co-parenting aspects of divorce including navigating the many pitfalls that can make the process adversarial.