Struggling With Divorce? You Could Use a Thinking Partner

Sarah was overwhelmed. She had just moved out of the house she shared with Jonathan. Sarah had not lived alone for a long time. She struggled to picture a happy future. Everywhere she turned, there were more things to deal with–and she did not feel emotionally equipped to deal with any of them! How would they split up their belongings? What would happen with the kids? How would she survive this mess? Sarah was starting to realize just how much work it was going to be to live on her own. Between dealing with new bills, following a new parenting schedule, working, and trying to keep track of everything, she felt like she was in over her head. What Sarah really needed was a thinking partner.  What Can a Thinking Partner Do For You? A thinking partner can provide much-needed emotional support during a divorce. They can be an outlet for the frustrations, anger, and sadness that often accompany the various stages of the divorce process.  Thinking [...]