Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on gaining an understanding of ourselves so we can improve our relationships, find meaning in life and, heal from past hurts to achieve a happier sense of self.

Are you are stressed at work, or worried about your intimate relationships? Do you struggle parenting your children? Do you find that you keep repeating the same mistakes no matter how hard you try to avoid them? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then individual therapy can help you explore familiar patterns, make changes and improve your quality of life.

Through individual therapy you can gain tools to replace negative thoughts that often lead to self-destructive behaviors. Getting in touch with your inner self, diary keeping, and other practical homework exercises are some of the tools your therapist will share with you to help you practice changes in between sessions.

Change is a process that takes time and investment. Achieving and noticing small successes will aid you in finding the courage to continue working on your goals for healing and happiness.

Depression and Anxiety: It is not uncommon for people to experience both symptoms of depression and anxiety in their lifetime. Getting help can be a scary and daunting task. We are here to support you find the best way to manage those symptoms. Our non-judgmental staff are here to listen and help you by using best practices such as DBT and EMDR approaches. We are dedicated to helping you feel better in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Trauma: Studies show that human beings are susceptible to traumatic experiences. Whether the trauma is caused by the family of origin, or is one-time past traumatic experience, trauma can have an everlasting impact on someone’s life. Symptoms such as anxiety, phobias, depression, difficulties managing relationships and unmanageable anger are commonly associated with past trauma.

Separation & Divorce: The process of separation and divorce can be difficult and emotionally taxing for families. With extensive experience with the court system, we offer a unique perspective to the ones who struggle with this stage of life. Our training in mediation can help balance power struggles and find unique solutions to sharing the care of children, and property division.