Divorce Coaching

Divorce, Transition, and Parent Coaching 

Are you feeling lost and confused as you navigate divorce or separation? 

Are you struggling to communicate with your ex-partner?

Are you worried about how the transition will affect your kids? 

You want to feel calm and competent as you make hard decisions that are bound to impact your life and the lives of your family. Perhaps you need help coping with your emotions and figuring out finances, what’s best for your children, and/or when the right time is to sit down and have a tough and life-changing discussion with your partner. 

I’m here to help. I am a Certified Divorce®, Transition, and Parent Coach, who brings years of experience working with families to the table. With my unique approach and training, I can be a thinking partner who is completely impartial and can help you navigate the difficult decisions that lie ahead in your future. I can also help you explore parenting techniques so that your children can have the least painful experience possible. Working together, we will address these hard questions in order to help you feel grounded and organized through this difficult process. 

Maybe you are still uncertain, thinking you might want to save your marriage. I can help you explore the positives in your partner and strategize practical ways to improve your marriage or relationship. 

Either way, I will help you clarify your goals and create a specific, practical, step-by-step course of action so you can stop worrying and start living! 

As a Certified Divorce®, Transition, and Parent Coach, I specialize in working with clients who have either begun the divorce process or are thinking about whether it’s the right choice for them. My clients are committed to putting their children first as they navigate this complicated and emotional life-changing experience.

I am an Educator, with over thirty years of experience working with children and families. I am certified in Social-Emotional and Character development by Rutgers University, and as a Divorce Mediator with considerable experience in child custody and Jewish divorce issues. 

I offer a 45-minute complimentary coaching session to give you the opportunity to see what a divorce coach can do for you.  Let’s talk! There is no obligation and I promise that you will walk away with more clarity, tools, and resources. For a free 45 minute consultation, please contact me!

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Moshe Ben-Lev

Moshe Ben-Lev

Divorce Coaches prepare individual clients, one step at a time, to turn the emotional side of divorce into the business of divorce. By working with clients throughout the entire process, a divorce coach acts as a thinking partner- Guiding, supporting, and sharing tools and techniques that help the client to self-actualize and be the best version of themselves so they are able to effectively go through the divorce process and move forward in a positive direction with their lives

“Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns” –The American Bar Association

For a complimentary 45-minute session:

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  • They can guide you as a thinking partner by walking down the path of the divorce process with you.
  • Divorce Coaches help clients in communicating effectively so that they can move forward and reduce the reactive responses that the other party may present.
  • In many cases, both spouses are in very different places. A Divorce Coach can help shift the client’s perspective to understand more about what they need to understand.
  • Divorce Coaches can help prepare clients for meetings and difficult conversations so that they are well prepared and can present as their “best selves.”
  • Divorce coaches help clients gain strength, clarity, and resilience during what can be a very difficult process.
  • Divorce Coaches can help clients think about what’s best for the family as the dynamics change.
  • Divorce Coaches can help with focusing on the co-parenting aspects of divorce including navigating the many pitfalls that can make the process adversarial.