Rockville Psychotherapy and Coaching is a growing practice that offers psychotherapy and divorce and parent coaching, from a relationship-focused, trauma-informed perspective.

Maybe you are struggling with relationship issues. Or have a hard time trusting people. Maybe you are struggling with divorce or co-parenting. Or have something in your life that is stopping you from being your best self–such as trauma or anxiety. 

We are:

  • Trauma Informed

  • Trauma Focused

  • Culturally Informed

Whatever is getting in the way of your happiness, we understand

Our unique approach offers a variety of services to address any needs you or your family might have. At Rockville Psychotherapy and Coaching, we understand that creating meaningful relationships is crucial to happiness. 

We utilize the most effective, most researched methods and therapies to help you thrive, such as Imago Relationship Therapy, EMDR, Divorce and Parent Coaching, and Psychodynamic Therapy.

We care.

When you call our phone number, you will be connected to a professional who will assess your needs and send you to the appropriate specialist who can best help you. 

Our diverse team of experienced professionals are from various backgrounds and offer various perspectives so that your needs will always be met and you will always feel comfortable.

Our goal is for our patients to truly excel and have healthy relationships, overcome personal struggles, and be able to live life to the fullest.

The best way to contact us is via email at:

We appreciate your interest in RPAC services and we wish you and your family the best!

Rockville Psychotherapy Associates
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